Health 10 ways to practice Self Care. March 8, 2018

We never realize how much were not taking care of ourselves until we feel so run down, overweight, tired and sick. Some of us (my husband) have disciplines set in place to take care of ourselves and when life starts to get busy and a week has gone by with lack of self care you can rear it back in and make it a priority. The rest of us (me) learn the hard way, we get busy and a year has gone by and we’re in such a rough spot and wondering how we ever got there (Also me at the moment).

I’m so bad at this. Part of it is lack of discipline to keep something good and healthy going for a decent amount of time. Part of it is not understanding the importance of it daily, that I put it on the back burner and say things like “One day.” But then that day rarely comes and when it does by some miracle we’ve forgotten what we even do for self-care, I said it was a rough spot. No self care needs to be planned, here are some of the ways I’m going to try and apply some self care into my life over the next few months.

  1. Daily prayer journal.
  2. Sketch in a sketchbook.
  3. Read nightly for 30 mins.
  4. Have a monthly girls night.
  5. Wash my makeup off every night.
  6. Create a “fave song” playlist and listen to it while drinking hot tea.
  7. Meditate every night for 15 minutes.
  8. No social media times every day.
  9. Light candles, incense or Palo Santo wood.
  10. Let your husband take the kids to the park so you can enjoy some quiet and here is the self care part…don’t feel guilty about it.

So how about it? How will you self care today?

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