Family, Homeschooling, My boys Part 1: The Finer Things Club-Tea Time & Art Studies April 24, 2018

As a homeschooling mother there is a lot of pressure to teach other subjects and art doesn’t seem to be one that falls under the must teach areas of study. There are many benefits of learning art such as; stimulates both sides of the brain, children who do art are better readers and excel in math and science, teaches children that there can be more than one solution to a problem, develops focus and attention. These are just a few benefits there are so so many, one that is important to me personally is the ability to self-express and the creativity that comes with that. Growing up being different was discouraged and made fun of, versus now self-expression is held high but almost to an extreme so as to not backslide to past practices. We parents have the opportunity to guide, train and teach our kids how to be themselves and think creatively in a safe and nourishing environment.


3:00pm- Currently studying Claude Monet. Thad is just waking up from his nap and Kyle is wrapping up his online learning game. I set the table with hot tea, honey, baked goods, candles, artist portfolio we get ours from the Simply Charlotte Mason website, watercolors, paper, paintbrushes, dipping water and paper towel. During this time I will read the artist biography and throughout reading I stop and ask the boys questions which leads to discussions about what were learning about the artist. After they are done enjoying their baked good they start painting, sometimes its a depiction of the art were focusing on for the day and sometimes it’s whatever is in their mind. Once finished with our art studies the boys help me to clean off the area and place everything back in its home.


Creating a Tea Time, Art Study habit has been so incredibly easy and it’s easily the boys favorite time of day, I am sure the baked goods has a huge role to play in that. In my next blog post regarding Art studies will be focused on the different art projects we’ve done and what Art has done for my relationship with my boys.




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