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After a lot of interest in the Bible Curriculum we use I thought it would be great to write about it. This curriculum was introduced to me by my husband’s Aunt who also homeschools, we didn’t use it our first year of school because our curriculum for our first year had bible study included. After a few months in and realizing the curriculum just wasn’t working for our family, I started looking for new curriculums for different subjects. After tons of research I came across the one recommended by my Aunt and decided it was the best fit, now having used it I am so happy with it. This curriculum is good for ages 3-6, if you have multiple children you may need to purchase multiple sets of the same booklets.

At the beginning of each lesson you will sing a song from this CD (click here for link to CD), they’re songs related to what you are studying that day. I would recommend purchasing the CD because it gets the child ready to learn and kind of an idea on what the lesson will be for the day.

We are using the Beginner Level this covers 26 lessons or 26 days. The lessons come in long rectangular sets (click here to see all sets) the Beginner level has 416 lessons. We school 4 days a week so the Beginner Level will carry us into the next school year. The second and third photo right above are what the pages look like, very short, to the paint and lots of coloring.

I purchased the Teacher Visuals (click here to see Teacher Visuals) for the first 26 lessons to see if it was necessary, I don’t think it is but it does help younger children to have a visual example on how to carry out instructions.

There you have it, our bible curriculum we love it because its visually pleasing, easy to understand moral concepts and VERY low cost.





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