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Did you know that according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) the Top 5 air quality problems in the U.S. are all indoor air problems? Homes may look clean at face value but you always have to consider that the air may not be. We made a switch a few years ago to eliminate store bought air fresheners and household cleaners, now I make our own. We also jumped on the “plants that help clean your indoor air” bandwagon and now have several living in our home. As a family who homeschools and spends a lot of time at home during school hours the air quality in our home is extremely important to me.

Our family suffers from several airborne allergens: cedar, hay fever, dust, mold, etc. As an active family we spend a lot of time outdoors throughout the seasons going on hikes, nature walks or swimming in the local creeks and rivers. We’re in the habit of showering right when we get home but over time we’ve realized that isn’t enough. We don’t always bathe our dog after spending time outdoors so any time she scratches herself or does a body shake she’s releasing her dander into the air. We also didn’t consider the allergens we just brought in on our clothing from outside. It had gotten so bad that sitting in our living area would make us all cough and we we’re sick often with sore throats, coughs, sneezing and runny noses. This didn’t seem normal to me and knew we needed to figure something out.

Cue Molekule.


Since bringing Molekule into our home we have noticed a SIGNIFICANT difference in the air quality. One there’s no more coughing, nose blowing or sneezing to be heard. My throat doesn’t feel sore after sitting in the living area for more than 30 minutes. A living room where we started to spend little time in is now the hub for homeschool lessons, reading books, playing board games and just hanging out and talking. After the boys go down at night it’s a gym, a place for my husband to sit and talk or enjoy watching a movie together while we snuggle on the couch.


Molekule can effectively clean rooms up to 600 sq ft within one hour using Photo Electochemical Oxidation (PECO) technology to eliminate indoor pollutants down to a molecular level. As of right now PECO is the only air purification technology that can destroy airborne viruses.

Upon starting Molekule it will run an initial cleanup that can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. After the initial clean Molekule maintains clean air in the room it is placed in. I have moved ours around especially after deep cleaning a room, there’s usually dust particles floating in the air along with, well who knows what. I think I will make a habit of moving it around every week or so.

Every Molekule ships with 1 Peco Filter (lasts 6 months) and 2 Pre Filters (lasts 3 months) and also includes a free one- year filter subscription when purchased directly from Molekule. You can also opt for a regular filter subscription when you run out, so you don’t have to be without a filter. You can view your filter life on the Molekule unit itself by sliding through the options on the touch screen.

I am one happy mama knowing that my family will all be breathing a little easier. To check out Molekule click here.

This content is sponsored by Molekule. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



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